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Welcome to Turmeric Gardens.

Turmeric Gardens is in a constant state of change. The bush and gardens are lush with new growth and the native animals and birds are thriving again after the summer rains.

It’s a pleasure to share this beautiful environment with our guests, with every new season offering surprises and challenges. Regardless of the season though, your absolute privacy and opportunity for peace and quiet is assured. The cacophony of bush sounds is guaranteed to lull you into a state of peace, whether it’s the birds or the crickets at dusk, you’ll be transported far from the humdrum of home.

In 2005, when Turmeric Gardens was opened to the public as a retreat, our sustainable practices attracted a lot of attention. People were certainly becoming aware of alternative lifestyles, but few could experience first hand how sustainable practices could be so simply implemented in their own lives.

We recycle and compost waste, use water-less toilets, respect our environment, its flora and fauna, and build using sustainable materials where possible.

The world is catching up, and most people at least acknowledge the need to support local growers for their food, to avoid contaminating our waterways with chemicals and to build homes that are economical to live in and maintain.

We are pleased to have been able to impress our guests with sustainable practices and lifestyle choices that we showcase here, and find that we are now learning from guests who have embraced this lifestyle too.

Peace and simplicity are our motivations. Visit the video link page and get a taste of what we mean.